I find you intensely irritating some days

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for always responding to MMFD questions. The fans are really passionate about the show. And sometimes I feel like you must get annoyed or overwhelmed with constantly having to say that you don't know about the future of the show. But thank you. Thank you so much for being kind and supportive of our love for you and the show. You are an amazing actress. And the show has become a very big part of all of our lives. And as a result so have you. Much love!


I promise if and when I find out about another series I will make sure to post it on here. Fans are KEY to shows, without fans actors wouldn’t have jobs so I’m thankful to each and every one of you who watch, and enjoy the show and still talk about it and keep it alive to this day! I try and respond to as many questions as I can because I want to give back as much as you guys give to the show. Lots of Love, thanks for the support and kind words X

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“ The guys are fit as, right? And they’re all single. So, please come, sweets. Please!

Rae’s thinking: My hair looks like buggery from being rained on and I’m not even wearing one of my band t-shirts or my leather jacket! 

And the line “In France all I did was hang” makes me picture Rae at a Parisian cafe,  in a black polo neck and beret, smoking cigarettes. Heeee.

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Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this short fic!

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Finn sat wide awake and more in love than ever in a plush hospital chair as Rae’s soft snores filled the room, he smiled looking over at her as he rocked his newborn in his arms. It was strange to see Rae so quiet when hours earlier she was cursing like a sailor who stubbed his toe.  He cradled the newest Nelson trying to fight the happy tears threatening to fall, his eyes softening as he looked on lovingly at his slumbering infant. As he continued to rock his newborn he thought back to the night he and Rae discussed having children.

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